Trucks rent cheaper, but the cost is still a problem

An Australian Financial review of truck rental websites and their drivers finds that most companies are only able to offer “cheap” or “fairly priced” truck rental to those who live in Sydney or Melbourne.

The report, which covers a range of online truck rental companies, also finds that those who pay for truck rental are more likely to be able to afford the extra money than those who don’t.

The analysis also found that truck rental is not always free, and some companies charge extra fees for drivers who are not on-site.

The researchers, from the University of Sydney, analysed data from 24 truck rental businesses.

The average cost of a new truck rental for truckers in Sydney and Melbourne was $2,099 per week, according to the report.

For a driver who lives in Perth, it was $1,874 per week.

For drivers in Brisbane, it is $1.092 per week for a single person.

The cheapest rental for drivers in Sydney is in Melbourne, according the report, but it costs $1:1.

The most expensive rental is in Sydney, with the average price for a one-way truck rental being $3,000.

The research also found a “churning” effect in the rental market.

The majority of truck rentals in Sydney are being offered to drivers who commute from the city’s central business district, with most of the truck rental sites offering drivers a fixed monthly payment of $200.

This is the same amount of money a trucker can afford to rent a van or truck.

For those who commute to work from Sydney’s outer suburbs, the cost of trucking is much higher.

The highest cost of an average one-time truck rental in Sydney was $8,600, and the average rent for a two-person vehicle was $9,300.

The study found that drivers who live within a 20-minute drive of the city centre, and who commute between Sydney and Brisbane, are more often able to access truck rental services, as they can access free internet access, as well as a “pay-as-you-go” model where drivers can rent for $3 per day or $10 per week per person.

A truck driver can pay $4 for a full day, $3 for two or $4 per day for one and a half.

The Australian Tax Office does not offer any tax advice on truck rental.

The company in the report did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Taxi drivers were not included in the study because of a lack of data.

The companies that are in the survey also did not respond to requests for comment, and several did not provide the full amount of information provided in the data.

This means that the study is not able to provide a full picture of the market.

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