When Shelby truck gets a $50,000 upgrade, it’s a big deal for Ford

When Shelby trucks get upgraded with advanced technologies, it could be a big moment for Ford.

In an internal memo obtained by Recode, Ford’s vice president of automotive operations said the Ford Fusion Hybrid Concept unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month would be a good example of how the company is evolving toward the “future of transportation.”

That future is about to get a lot brighter.

Ford says the Fusion Hybrid concept is just the latest in a long line of Fusion Hybrid vehicles that the company will offer in 2019.

Ford said the first Fusion Hybrid would be on the road later this year.

And while the company has not confirmed that the first model would be called the Fusion, the Fusion Concept has been rumored to be a Fusion Hybrid.

Ford has been experimenting with electric vehicles since at least 2014, when it first launched the Fusion EV, a plug-in hybrid that can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds.

Ford’s Fusion Hybrid was first unveiled in 2015.

That model was based on the same platform as the Fusion.

In 2018, Ford said it was testing the first fully electric Fusion, and a couple months later, it announced that the car would go on sale later this month.

It was also the first time Ford would introduce a full-size electric vehicle on the U.S. market.

Ford also has a new hybrid crossover, the Ford Focus Electric.

Ford is testing it in Europe and Asia.

But the Focus Electric is a plug in hybrid, meaning it has an engine that can generate electricity.

The company did not reveal exactly how much the new car costs, or when it would be available.

But it did say that the Focus would be one of the first vehicles to be powered by its next-generation battery pack, which is designed to be more efficient and quieter.

And it also announced plans to add a second battery pack to the Focus EV to give the vehicle a longer range.

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