When you think ‘car’, you think the car that comes with the trailer

By By Ramesh Raj, CNN IndiaThe car of the future will be the car of convenience.

The world’s largest car maker, Daimler, has been working on a revolutionary concept to make vehicles that have more space inside than conventional cars.

Its new concept, the “mobile car,” is a truck that can fit into a small space and be transported at speeds of up to 70 mph.

It’s a vision that has been gaining momentum in India for years.

Last year, for instance, the country introduced a similar concept to the Toyota Prius, which was widely hailed as a breakthrough car.

It’s a vehicle that can get you where you need to go at a quick pace, and it also has some major advantages.

The company says the truck is the world’s first truck to use electric motors.

The technology is based on a combination of electric motor and compressed air.

The truck will be built by Daimlers own German subsidiary, Daeger-LeCoultre, which makes the Daimles new, compact SUV.

The Daimling-owned company has also been working with Volvo and Hyundai on electric cars for decades.

The company also has a long history of investing in electric vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which is the best-selling vehicle in the world.

But, the truck concept is not without its critics.

The vehicle is meant to go with the truck, which will be a two-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive version of the Daegers new truck.

The concept truck is not meant to be the sole means of transport.

The concept truck has been dubbed the “mini-truck” in the U.S. The two-wheeled version of this truck will also be called the “big-trucks” in India, which means that the company has built a big truck to accommodate both the passenger and the cargo.

The two- and three-wheel versions of the truck will have different seating configurations and different driver assistance features.

The driver will be able to steer, while the passenger will be steered with a joystick.

There will be an emergency braking system to prevent a crash.

The Daegel-Le Coultres trucks will have a range of up from 100 km to 200 km, according to the company, and they will be available with a range from 150 km to 300 km.

The pickup truck and the all-electric truck have similar dimensions.

The pickup truck is 3.8 meters (12 feet) long, 4.4 meters (14 feet) wide and 2.5 meters (8 feet) tall.

The all-Electric truck is 5.5-feet-long, 5.4-feet wide and 3.2-feet tall.

Both the pickups and the trucks have electric motors, and the truck has an electric motor with the electric motor on top.

This will give the truck more thrust and better traction.

This allows the driver to accelerate more quickly and to brake more quickly.

It also helps the truck to carry heavier loads.

The electric motor is mounted under the rear wheel.

The electric motor will give up to 80% of the energy it consumes, according the company.

That is equivalent to 1,500 kilowatts.

The powertrain will be similar to that of the electric vehicle.

There is a range-extending electric motor that will be connected to the electric drivetrain.

This engine will be used to provide propulsion for both the front and rear wheels of the all electric truck.

In addition, there is an electric drivetrains with a variable speed controller that will drive the electric motors in tandem.

The battery in the electric truck will store electricity in a form that is not affected by wind and weather conditions.

The battery in an all-terrain vehicle is made of carbon fiber and the battery in a small vehicle is plastic.

The all-Terrain electric truck has a maximum speed of 60 km/h, according a Daeges website.

The diesel-electric hybrid hybrid will also have a speed of 40 km/hr.

The diesel-hybrid is a hybrid engine, with a hybrid drivetrain that combines electric motors with hybrid-electric motors.

The tractor-trailer hybrid will have maximum speed in excess of 60 kilometers per hour.

The tractor-Trailer hybrid has a speed range of 40-70 kilometers per day.

The size of the tractor-Tractor Hybrid is 30-40 meters (100-200 feet) across the front axle.

The trailer-tractor hybrid will go up to 40 kilometers per time.

The vehicle will be equipped with electric and gasoline batteries, and a hybrid electric drive.

The gasoline battery will store enough energy to run the electric engine for a few hours.

The hybrid electric driving system will help the electric battery maintain energy efficiency.

Daeger LeCoultres says the all hybrid truck will not have a diesel engine, and will be powered by a hybrid-hyd

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