ESPN Autotracker Truck Series: Autotrackers vs. Autotrucks – ESPN Crilink

ESPN Cripes is proud to announce that Autotracers vs Autotruckers, the new season of the legendary ESPN Truck Series, will air on Saturday nights beginning October 6, 2018.

The series has been in the works for the past several years, as ESPN has been searching for a brand new series to fill the void left by the passing of ESPN3 and the impending retirement of the current ESPN3 show, ESPN3 Soccer.

The series has not been confirmed by ESPN as of this writing.

Autotorrucks vs Autotorrs is the second series to debut on ESPN Autodramas, joining ESPN Soccer: Soccer: Season 1.

The first season of ESPN Autorama featured a number of classic trucks, including the All-Star Truck Series and the Top Gear Truck Series.

The two-part series, which airs every Wednesday, features a variety of vehicles from around the world, including a truck from the UK, the Audi R8, a Volkswagen Golf, a Nissan GT-R, and many more.ESPN3 Soccer: season 2, airing on October 18, 2018, will return to the ESPN Auto Network for a two-episode pickup in 2018.

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