How to get your GMC truck back after a year of hiatus

A year ago this week, we reported on the GMC Truck being pulled from a New Zealand auction house because of a lack of bids and its imminent return. 

 The company, which makes trucks that are used by the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Army, has also been the subject of a complaint from the US, which alleges that the trucks are a direct threat to the sovereignty of Australia.

The US has also asked the Australian government to issue an injunction against GMC trucks. 

So, how do you get the Gmc truck back?

The first step is to contact the Australian authorities and request that it be returned to Australia.

The US and Australian governments have issued an intergovernmental agreement under which GMC will return the trucks to Australia, and the trucks will then be auctioned off at a fair price.

The US Department of Commerce said that GMC has complied with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to export control, as it is a US-based company.

“The United States will vigorously pursue its rights to protect its interests in the export of its products and technology, as well as the interests of Australian citizens and residents,” it said in a statement.”GMC’s continued failure to comply with these obligations will result in a loss of export control privileges.”

The US Commerce Department said that while the trucks were “not intended for export”, the US will work with Australia to prevent future violations of international law.

If you want to know how to get the truck back, here are some simple steps to follow.


Make sure you’re a US citizen If not, contact your embassy or consulate in the US and ask for a US person to return the truck to you.


Make a claim in the Australian court Make a claim on the United States Department of Justice website, and then email it to GMC.


Fill out a letter of claim with a copy of the GMA, and give it to your embassy.


Get the Gms license to export in Australia Get a copy or letter of licence for your truck.


Mail your claim to GMA to be considered.


Wait for the GMs response The GMA will not be able to accept your claim, but the Australian Government has a procedure for dealing with claims.


Wait a year to see if the truck is back up for auctionIf you are still waiting for a GMC GMCs truck to be returned, you can email them at and ask to be given an opportunity to contact them.

They will respond to you within a week.


Go to a GMA auction and make a claim Go to a auction in Australia and make your claim.


Mail the claim to your Australian embassy.

Once the GMS truck is up for sale, it will be up for bidding in the auction and will be auctionered by the US Department’s US-licensed auctioneer, C&O Auctioneers, at the Australian National Maritime Museum, in Sydney.

There are a few other auctions in Australia where the Gmcs truck is currently up for grabs, including the auction at the Sydney Opera House and the auction in Melbourne’s CBD.

You can bid on your Gmc, or you can bid online through Gmc’s online store.

More: Gmc has been criticised for not doing enough to protect Australian sovereignty

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