Kentucky truck rental company, whose workers are now on strike, will go out of business

A truck rental and delivery company whose employees are on strike over wage theft and unsafe working conditions is going out of operation.

The Kentucky Truck Rentals (KTR) had been a thriving operation for years and its workers had been in the company since 2004.

Its main business is providing truck rental services to the city of Louisville.

But in recent months, workers say they have been unable to secure work because the company has not made wage increases.

The company is a division of Hertz truck rentals, which also supplies truck rental companies for local authorities and other government agencies.

KTR says its drivers are paid an average of $8.50 an hour, and many have no health insurance.

The union representing workers says many of its members are not paid overtime.KTR’s contract expired at the end of July.

The strike was sparked by the union’s demands for a wage increase of at least $5 an hour and the company’s agreement to give drivers a $3 bonus per hour.

KTZ said in a statement to WFPL that the strike will not affect operations of its operations.KTZ has a large fleet of trucks and rental vans, but the company said it has recently been forced to make cuts in operations, including staffing.

KTQ’s operations were also severely disrupted after the shutdown of the Lexington Electric Utility (LEU) last August.

The city shut down electric service to many homes, businesses and businesses, including some of the company�s rental vans.

KTRA says the shut down cost its customers more than $200,000 in lost revenues.KTRA’s CEO, Brian Shortsleeve, told WFPT that the company plans to start paying employees at a higher hourly rate starting in mid-July.

Shortslee said that after the company makes progress, it will take a hard look at its operations and determine how it can make improvements.KTRE is one of the largest truck rental chains in the country, with a fleet of about 3,000 trucks and vans.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that a local law firm that represented some of KTRE�s employees said it would represent all the employees at the company, which operates out of a warehouse.

The workers, who include truck drivers, mechanics, and mechanics assistants, also represented some employees at other rental companies.

KTRE has about 10,000 employees, and the Louisville company is in the process of laying off another 3,400 people.

KTRY has said that the truck rental chain has not lost any money in the last year.KTRY said in its statement to the Courier-Journo that the decision to layoff employees is not linked to the strike, and that its employees are not the targets of the strike.

The statement also said that KTRA has been able to meet its payroll requirements by providing workers with a 401(k) retirement plan.

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