When the Dodge trucks start hitting the market, the ‘Boomer’ becomes the ‘Monster’

When Dodge trucks hit the road in 2018, the company’s Monster trucks are set to become the latest to get a facelift, with a new bumper and hood that is supposed to be much lighter than its current offerings.

But the company says the bump in weight will help make the truck more efficient, and it’s also expected to be able to handle a much larger amount of cargo.

While it is still too early to know the exact changes the company plans to make to the vehicles, the change will definitely be worth it for those who have the extra cash to get their hands on one of the new trucks.

Dodge will likely use the bump to help make them more fuel-efficient and also improve the handling characteristics.

While the new truck is expected to debut in 2018 the company is already ramping up production of the truck itself, which is expected soon after the 2019 model year.

The truck will start arriving in dealerships on May 5, 2019, but Dodge says it will be available for customers to buy as early as 2019.

In addition to the new bump, the trucks will be offered with a host of improvements.

The new Monster truck will receive a new 8.0L V-8 engine with a 6.3L V8 paired with a six-speed manual transmission.

The 8.3T engine in the current 7.5T and 7.7T versions will also be replaced with the more efficient 8.4T engine.

The 5.0T will be replaced by the 5.4L, which will be paired with the 6.4TL engine in that model.

The new truck will also receive a redesigned front fascia and the addition of the side skirts to reduce drag.

The rear of the vehicle will also get new bumpers that feature a new chrome-finish paint job and a new black-and-gold design.

The front bumper will also now feature a chrome-painted bump.

As the trucks roll out in 2019, they will also have some changes that are sure to make them even more popular with customers.

The bumper and side skirts are expected to get an upgrade with the new engine and the bumper and roof will also feature a carbon fiber design.

Dodge also plans to add new seats to the trucks and to make the seats available to buyers who already own a truck with a front seat.

Those customers will get the option of purchasing a standard 4-door truck for just $4,100, which means the price will drop to just $3,100.

For those who want to get the new bumper as a bonus, they can pick up a 6-foot wide, 4-foot high, 5-foot tall bumper that is $2,800.

Those buyers will also enjoy a new paint scheme that will be similar to that of the current trucks.

The colors are expected include gold, black, red, green, and yellow, as well as the new paint-job for the side and front skirts.

Those who already have a current truck will be able add the new 4.5-inch tires as well, which are expected be offered at a cost of $2.40 per tire.

The current trucks will also offer some new accessories, such as a rear bumper grille, a headlight that will make the light bleed, and the ability to attach the front bumper.

The Dodge trucks are also expected get some new technologies like advanced radar and lane assist.

The company is expected do a lot of work on those features to make sure the new drivers are comfortable with the vehicles.

Dodges trucks will go on sale in 2019 for $27,900, which includes the base 8.1T engine, $4 for the 6T, and $3 for the 7.3 T. That price will fall to just under $23,900 when the 2019 models go on-sale in early 2019.

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