What you need to know about the Texas trucking companies that have hit the headlines in recent months

A Texas mail trucking company is under fire for its latest video, in which a woman says she’s going to be a widow and a mother.

The company, Truckee Trucking, says she should be “happy” because she will be “having kids.”

But many of the company’s drivers and employees are expressing their anger and disappointment with the video, which was posted on YouTube this week and has already been viewed more than 500,000 times.

In the video posted last week, a woman, wearing a red bandanna and a green T-shirt, says, “I’ll be your first wife.

I’ll be the mother of your children.

I will be a husband and father of your kids.

I want to be happy.”

After the video was posted, the company posted a second version, with a different woman.

In the second video, the woman says the video is “stupid.”

“You know what?

It’s stupid.

The people of this country don’t want to hear that.

It’s dumb.

It doesn’t make any sense,” the woman said.

In response, a company representative wrote in a blog post that the video “doesn’t make sense,” and “sounds like it was shot for an online comedy video, not for the production of a real trucking operation.”

“Truckee has been making its name in the U.S. by providing safe, reliable transportation to more than 300,000 customers annually.

Our trucking operations provide over $100 billion in economic activity in Texas annually, including $6.6 billion in state and local sales taxes,” the company said.

“The Truckeys mission is to provide the safest and most reliable transportation possible to the more than 2.7 million customers we serve each year.”

In addition to its trucking business, Trucy’s also a manufacturer of personal protective equipment, and its trucks are used by local law enforcement agencies and by the U.

“Our trucking fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment, including advanced body cameras that record footage that can be reviewed for any possible misconduct,” the statement said.

The company has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The latest controversy surrounding the Truckees comes on the heels of an incident last month in which an angry driver who claimed to be the CEO of the trucking firm got a ticket for not paying his driver’s medical bill, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The man, who was not identified, told a reporter from the Chronicle that the incident took place after the company asked him to pay a medical bill for his wife.

The man said he was not paid.

The incident also led to the release of a video that was released by the company.

“I have been paid for my wife’s care, my care is 100% my responsibility,” he said in the video.

“I am a man of the cloth and my wife is a woman of the very best standards.”

Trucy is not the only company to face criticism over the past year for its hiring practices.

The Washington Post reported last month that a former executive at a California mail trucker company who was fired after being found to have been using a fake medical certificate was paid $1.5 million in cash and stock, along with another $250,000 in stock awards.

The Post said that after the allegations surfaced, the executive, David Zuckerman, took a leave of absence from his company.

Zuckman was accused of using a bogus certificate and paying his wife’s medical bills.

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