The Old Jeep Truck Rental Service Is Back!

By Jeff BurtisThe Jeep rental industry is booming again after a three-year lull.

The industry is seeing a new lease boom, with rental rates rising for trucks with an estimated average price of $25,000.

That’s up from an average of $16,000 two years ago.

That’s because many owners have taken on leases with an expected renewal date, allowing them to extend the time they pay the truck rental company and get paid for the truck.

There are several rental companies in the truck rentals business.

They include:TruckRentals, a rental company in Houston; TruckRack, in Charlotte, N.C.; and a company called Truck Racks, in Orlando, Fla.

They all advertise their truck rental services as available through a web site called, which is a service provided by the Jeep company.

The company’s website says that it’s a leasing company, but its drivers are employees.

It doesn’t say who the drivers are or what they do.

A company spokesman, Brian Riggs, declined to comment.

Other companies advertise on their own sites that they are a leasing firm, and there are several others. says it is a leasing operation in Houston and a vehicle rental company.

It also says it operates a truck rental service, and that its drivers can be employees.

A truck rental website, OldJeekrentalsrentals, says its drivers “rent vehicles for the convenience of your customers and their guests.”

OldJeeprentals also has a Web site for renting trucks.

The company’s Web site lists the drivers’ occupations, and it says they are “owned and operated by a Jeep driver who is employed by the company as a professional truck driver.”

The company says its trucks are owned by a separate company, and the drivers can’t drive their own vehicles.

A company called lists the company’s drivers as “independent truckers.”

The site says the drivers work at various locations across the U.S. and Canada, and they can’t work in the same truck as their drivers.

OldRacksrentals is also a leasing business, and OldJeeksrentals says its truck rentals are leased to “a variety of customers in the area.”

OldRackrentals and OldRakysrentals are listed as truck rental companies on OldJeckrentals’s Web sites.

They’re both located in Houston.

The leasing company’s site lists its truck rental options as:Trucks with a new or used engine, a manual transmission, and a 4-wheel-drive engine.

The truck rental site says these trucks can be rented for $2,500.

It says the company does not rent vehicles to people under age 18. gives the name as the company that has leased the trucks for the past two years.

It lists the name as “Trukingsport LLC” and lists the truck’s year of purchase as “2018.”

The truck’s date of purchase on OldRacking’s Web page is “2018” and its year of lease is “2016.”

The trailer is not listed.

Rack said the company operates a “mobile office” for its truck renters.

The mobile office, it said, is “a mobile facility where truck owners can get on the phone with an old truck rental agent to schedule an appointment to meet their truck’s leasing requirements and schedule their truck pickup.”

The trucks’ owner, Rack, declined comment.

Racking said its trucks can come with the following lease options:A 2-year lease with a payment of $15,000 a month for an average price range of $20,000 to $25 and a 1-year leasing agreement with a base rate of $4,500 a month.

Racks’ trucks can have the following vehicle attributes:Tires: Good tires, Good tread depth, Good weight, Good fuel economy, and Good braking.

A truck can be equipped with an extra 2.5-gallon tank and/or an extra 8-gallons of diesel fuel.

Racks also has trailers that can be towed.

Truck rentals are a lucrative business, said Mark Kramenetz, an independent leasing broker who runs his own truck rental business in Fort Lauderdale.

“A lot of the time you’re leasing trucks, they’ll be older trucks, older than your average truck,” Kramanetz said.

“They may be a few years old or older than you would expect.

They may be outfitted with a bunch of equipment.

It’s a little bit of a risk for the leasing company.”

Truck rental companies, he said, have the option of using an old, damaged or defective truck to rent.

“They can’t just replace it,” he said.

“Some of the older trucks are going to be just about as good as they were when they were

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