When you can’t beat them, you can buy them

The American Trucking Association has said it will stop selling its truck accident lawyers, following a spate of fatal accidents involving trucks.

The group’s president, Paul Stacey, said in a statement that it had lost its “unique, strategic partnership” with trucking companies.

A number of US companies are selling their accident lawyers.

US trucking industry figures suggest that the number of drivers on accident-related leave has increased in recent years.

The industry also said it had seen a rise in the number and types of vehicles on accident leave, with many drivers returning to work.

However, it said that many drivers remained on leave for several months, and some cases remained unresolved.

In January, a US federal appeals court ruled that an Illinois woman had not received a full medical evaluation from a truck driver who died after a collision with a car in October.

The driver was on a medical leave of absence, the court said.

“The accident occurred while the driver was off duty.

It is impossible to ascertain the severity of the injury, given the fact that the defendant was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and that the collision occurred on a highway.

The court concluded that the accident did not constitute negligence under federal law,” the court wrote.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Transportation said that the agency would review the court’s ruling.

The association’s decision comes amid concerns about the safety of US roads.

In April, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that drivers should not be allowed to drive on private roads where there is a risk of a collision.

The agency has also said that vehicles should not cross a street where there are other vehicles in the way of the driver.

The American Automobile Association, the country’s largest trucking group, has said that it has stopped selling accident lawyers for several years.

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