How low are you? Lowell’s truck rental car will be sold to auto parts supplier

A low-profile electric truck rental business is set to be sold off to a California auto parts wholesaler.

The low-priced pickup truck, which had been available only in Asia, will be leased to Ford and General Motors for the next two years, according to an announcement Monday.

The sale of the truck, a 2017 model, was announced by Ford, which also owns a small fleet of Chevrolet Cruze sedans, according in a statement to The Times.

The pickup is the latest in a series of low-cost pickups sold by the Texas-based company, which has sold more than 3,500 of the electric pickups since it was founded in 2006.

Its business model is built on the premise that electric pickups are cheaper than conventional diesel or gas vehicles.

Ford says it is leasing out the trucks at a base price of about $2,000 a month, but that it can sell the trucks for more if it decides to add more electric features.

The company says it currently has about 600 vehicles in its fleet that can be charged with batteries.

Ford also said it is working with the auto parts manufacturer on a range of plug-in hybrid vehicle features.

The low price is a key selling point for the truck rental service, which began in Japan in 2012.

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