‘Lego Fire Truck’ budget truck goes to Hollywood with budget price tag of $10 million

The budget trailer for a budget budget vehicle that’s based on a fire truck is going to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, according to a report.

The “Lego fire trailer” was first spotted in an Instagram video on March 23.

The video shows the vehicle’s design, which was unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

The budget truck’s price tag is $10,000, according a report by TMZ.

The trailer features an exterior of white, and the exterior of a fire station that looks like the exterior to a fire engine.

It’s a reference to the theme of the movie “The Lego Movie,” which stars the fictional characters Mr. Potato Head and Mr. Smurf.

“The budget trailer is actually an homage to the popular animated series ‘The Lego Batman Movie,’ which also features a theme of fire trucks,” the report said.

“Legos are the same as any other vehicle, and a budget trailer makes it easy for kids to learn about the Lego universe.”

The trailer has been spotted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

“This is the Lego Fire Trailer,” the caption reads.

“It’s the new budget truck.

It’ll be in the movie.

And, you can be the hero or the villain.

Get it?


The video has been shared more than 1,500 times.

“I got the Lego trailer today, but it’s still on Instagram,” one user said.

The clip has also been shared on social media.

“Hollywood Bowl: The trailer for the budget trailer, the new movie trailer and the new trailer for The Lego Movie are on Instagram and YouTube.

They are in the Los Angeles Bowl.

It was a big weekend for the movie ‘The LEGO Movie.’

And this trailer is for you,” one tweeter said.

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