Tesla’s Denali truck goes on sale

By Robert MacFarquharThe Denali, a 7,500-ton cargo truck built by Denali Trucks and Lumber Co., is expected to hit the road in early 2019.

It will be the first electric-powered freight truck.

The truck, which has a seating capacity of 2,400 people, will be powered by the Tesla Model 3.

The truck will be capable of hauling 1,200 to 2,000 pounds of cargo and has a range of 400 miles.

The Denali will be able to transport the same weight of passengers as a standard truck, but will have an interior capacity of 200 seats, according to the company.

A big, truck-shaped truck is something Tesla has been working on for some time, according the company, but it’s not ready for the big truck era just yet.

Musk said the truck could be ready for production in 2019 or 2020.

The company is working on a battery for the truck that will have a range up to 4,000 miles, but the final product won’t be available for consumers until 2019.

Tesla is also working on the truck’s solar panels, which it hopes to be ready by 2021.

Tesla’s Denalis will be an ideal test bed for the company’s plans for electric-driving trucks.

Musk’s company has said it’s working on developing “green” vehicles for the transportation industry.

In addition to its cargo truck, the company has also built a Tesla-powered SUV, an electric car, a boat, and even a helicopter.

The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the vehicle and has raised more than $1.5 billion in the process.

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