Amazon trucks: The most sought-after cars in India

An Amazon truck, one of India’s most sought after cars, has gone on sale in Delhi.

The red, white and blue Amazon truck is one of more than 700 trucks available in the city.

It has a top speed of 130kmph, and it has the capability of being fitted with all the necessary sensors and software for driverless driving.

The truck is also fitted with a Tesla electric motor, which is used for the acceleration, braking and steering.

The car is priced at $10,000 and has a range of about 15 km.

The company has partnered with the city’s auto manufacturing industry to create the vehicle, and now the truck has been sold at a discount to a local buyer.

“It has gone through the stringent testing, including by an independent company, to ensure it meets Indian safety standards,” said Rajesh Yadav, head of operations at the Delhi Auto Council.

“We have a specialised team in the field to test every vehicle before they are offered to the public,” he added.

The government has been cracking down on fake vehicles and other vehicles that pose a risk to the environment and national security, and is pushing for more incentives to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the country.

“There has been a major increase in sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars,” said the auto industry body, the Association of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (AIMA).

“The government has taken steps to reduce the use, import and sale of these vehicles, and the number of such vehicles being sold in India is growing,” said Anjali Pal Singh, managing director, Automotive Services at AIMA.

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