Google: Get a GPS tracker to track your truck on the road

Google has teamed up with a Canadian trucking company to develop a GPS tracking device for delivery trucks.

The tracking device will be a way to track the vehicles’ route on a map, and can also be used to find trucks in other areas of the country.

The tracker will allow the trucker to quickly locate a truck that might have been damaged in an accident, and to get a GPS update on when it will be back on the roads.

The company says it will cost around $5,000.

The technology could also be useful in emergency situations where drivers need to find a safe way to get to a destination, like a hospital or a fire department.

Google’s research team has spent the past year working on the project.

The device will work with a Google Maps application called “GPS+”.

Google says the trucking industry will benefit from the technology as the mapping applications currently are designed for large, complex routes that require drivers to travel in pairs of vehicles.

This could mean that the driver will need to navigate a complex route that can’t be completed in a single car.

But it’s also possible that the truck could be used for some non-motorized activities, such as delivery and cargo picking.

Google says it plans to release the tracking device in the next few weeks.

Google is also working on a GPS-enabled trucking app called “RoadRunner”.

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