How Mercedes Benz Towed the Tow Truck Service to the US

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Mercedes Benz is planning to roll out its first fleet of Towed Truck service trucks to the United States.

In 2018, Mercedes will start using these new vehicles as tow trucks for its fleet of vehicles.

The move to use the tow truck fleet for the first time is a significant step toward the company’s ambition to become the global go-to for commercial fleets.

The company already has a fleet of 7,000 trucks in use across the world, but it’s only just now getting rolling with the first Towed Trucks.

In fact, Mercedes has only been rolling out the service trucks in the US for a few weeks, with only a handful of vehicles on the road at any one time.

Mercedes, which has been in the business of transporting heavy equipment for more than 40 years, says the Towed Utility truck is the answer to a growing number of customer needs, from commercial vehicles to military cargo.

The Towed Tractor is a new type of truck that is equipped with advanced navigation and control systems, along with a suite of advanced safety systems.

The tow truck also carries large vehicles and payloads, including large vehicles, like cargo ships, as well as a variety of equipment.

The Towed Transport Service, which Mercedes will begin leasing for its fleets in 2019, is a different kind of truck than the conventional service trucks.

Rather than hauling cargo, the tow service allows for more direct access to a given location, rather than just being towed out to a specific point and then towed back.

The service truck can tow vehicles in as few as 30 minutes, whereas conventional service vehicles must wait for at least six hours to be able to drive back to their final destination.

Merlin says that it’s already making some significant improvements to its fleet.

It has a number of advanced technologies that it uses to better protect the truck, including a fully enclosed cab with an integrated airbag system and two separate cab covers to minimize the risk of a rear-end collision.

The cab covers are also more than twice as thick as the traditional tow service vehicles, and they have been designed with a variety and variety of safety features to protect the cab from the elements.

The company says the tow trucks will be fully equipped with all the necessary sensors, including cameras, radars, and cameras mounted on the front and rear of the cab.

The trucks will also be equipped with anti-lock brakes and anti-roll bars, so that they can be towed by hand when necessary.

Merkel says the service truck fleet will be able accommodate up to 4,500 people, with up to 1,500 drivers per truck, and will be equipped to accommodate larger vehicles that have greater cargo capacity.

The trucks will have the ability to tow and haul trailers up to 70 feet, and be able tow vehicles up to 10 feet.

Mercedes says the fleet of tow trucks is already rolling out in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia, with more locations planned in the future.

As of now, Mercedes says it is committed to investing at least $10 billion over the next five years to expand the TOW service to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, with a goal to roll the fleet out to all of these locations by 2020.

The service trucks will come equipped with autonomous systems that will allow drivers to take over the operation of the vehicle, which is expected to have a range of up to 100 miles.

In addition to a steering wheel, the Tows will also feature an automatic brake system and a speedometer that will record how much the tow driver is pushing the truck.

In order to maximize safety, Mercedes is also developing the technology to have automated braking systems to prevent drivers from slamming into each other.

Mercedez will use the technology for its first commercial fleet, as the company will also use the vehicle to help deliver supplies to the military and other humanitarian missions.

The vehicles will be available to Mercedes’ customers in 2019.

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