‘Truck Wrap’ is a ‘truck for kids’ – a DIY Christmas gift from a UK toy company

A truck wrap is a Christmas gift for kids, with the DIY toy maker having launched a new line of trucks for kids.

The trucks are all designed to resemble trucks, with stickers to give them a festive look.

Read more:  A series of five products have been launched as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which aims to raise money for the makers of the toys.

The toys are being sold under the name Truck Wraps, and each truck is made with a different theme.

“Truck Wraps is an inclusive and inspiring way to bring fun and excitement to Christmas,” said Paul D’Ancona, the chief executive of Truck Wrapt, which is based in Leeds, UK.

Each truck has a distinctive design, and the stickers can be changed to match the theme.

“The truck wraps will be available from May 1 and we’re excited to be offering a range of toys that we hope will inspire a new generation of kids to start building their own trucks, and help them celebrate their families traditions.”

The range of trucks has been designed to look like old-school tractors and cars, and will include trucks from British auto makers Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover.

Truck wraps are sold in six different colours: white, black, red, green and blue.

All the toys are made from durable materials and come with a tag and sticker, so you can attach them to any of the trucks.

There are two designs to choose from.

The first is the blue-coloured truck wraps.

These come in four colours, red and green, and are available to buy now at £30 ($40) each.

Second is the white-colours Truck Wrappers.

These are also available for £30 each, and come in a range including white, red or blue.

The third and fourth designs are the white trucks, which are available for a small extra charge.

And the last option is the black trucks, available for just £15.

To make the toys, the company uses a range the company calls “bricks” and “paint”.

The first batch of the truck wraps has already been sent to over 100 people, and there are plans to make more.

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